The LiteRider, the base model tonneau cover, has the same great roll-up style design as the Premium model, the Access Roll-up Cover. The LiteRider cover is made of a heavy-duty, double-coated reinforced vinyl. It has direct tension thumb dial adjusters and comes with a 1" side sealing systems that is Tested, Proven, & Guaranteed!

To Open the LiteRider Roll-Up cover, release the auto-latch and roll the cover towards the cab of the truck. The bars, bows, and cover all roll together and store behind the cab with the quick release straps. That's it, you're done!

To Close the cover just release the quick release straps and roll the cover towards the tailgate, over-center position the rear rail/tensioning bar into the auto-latch, which secures it. Push the slide-locks into place, and then seal the sides with the reliable hook and loop sealing system. It's simple and very reliable. Just Roll it, Secure it, and seal it.

Versatility & Function. The roll-up bar, bows, and cover easily roll up together and out of the way in seconds and store neatly behind the cab of your pickup with quick release straps. When you need to haul something large or get into your truck bed, the LiteRider™ Cover makes it easy and fast.

Protection & Value. When the tonneau cover is closed it protects cargo from wind, rain, and snow. Plus the LiteRider™ Cover increases the aerodynamics of your pickup by keeping the wind from hitting your tailgate, increasing your fuel efficiency.

3-Point Locking System. After the cover is secured in place by the auto-latch, the Slide Locks offer a security. They are located at the rear of each corner. To operate simply push to lock, pull to unlock. If your truck does not already have a tailgate lock you can purchase an optional tailgate lock to secure your tailgate.

Specially Engineered Slanted (angled) Rail Design delivers more function and style. It is Accessory Friendly - allowing plenty of room for bed rails, while still allowing you room to seal the cover. Easier Operation - The slanted design makes opening and closing the cover easier and longer lasting. The heavy-duty rails are durable and the Sleek Appearance contours to the design of the truck bed.

Packaged for a fast and easy clamp on installation. It simply clamps on to the inside lip of your pickup bed with clamps specifically designed for the LiteRider™. The tough tubular bows are attached to the cover and roll-up with it. When closed the LiteRider™ Cover can hold heavy snow, even in the mountains.

Unique & Compatible. Keep your truck unique and add the accessories you want. The LiteRider™ Roll-Up Cover is compatible with most bed accessories; such as, bed rails, tie down hooks, cab spoilers, bed liners, bed caps, and tailgate protectors.

Adjustable Tension: The tension adjusters allow you to fine tune the cover tension with the turn of a dial. Giving you control over your cover tension, not the weather. No tools are needed. Just turn the dial to tighten your cover and feel good knowing you have the tightest cover made. Tested and Proven to provide years of service in all four seasons.

Angled Roll-up Bar - The unique roll-up bar over-centers into the strikes, pulling the cover tight from front to rear. Giving you the tightest soft cover made. Plus the cover is wrapped around the anodized aluminum roll-up bar for better styling and a tight seal over the tailgate.

Normal Tailgate Operation - The cover does not interfere with the operation of the tailgate. It provides storage for your gear and keeps leaves, rain, and snow out of the pickup box. The fabric seal underneath the roll-up bar allows you to have a tight seal over the tailgate and still be able to open and close your tailgate with ease.

Easy Hauling - For larger items or fifth wheel towing, the cover stores compactly and neatly behind the cab with quick release storage straps. Plus, it is always ready to cover the box when you need it.

One Tough Tonneau Cover - The heavy duty rollup cover design easily handles even heavy mountain snow loads on top of the rollup cover. It remains tight and is known as the all-season truck cover. Plus it keeps your stuff dry and secure. Truly the toughest rolling tonneau cover made.

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Full-size Long Bed $380
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